PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Video Game Console: Which One Suits You Best?

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are the newest generations of gaming consoles produced by Sony and Microsoft. As PC gaming has become increasingly popular, these video game consoles were created to emulate the specs and power that a PC carries. There are plenty of perks that accompany each video game console, and here are the specific details to help you choose between the Xbox Series X and PS5.


The Xbox Series X is different from any of the previous Xboxes that have been created by Microsoft. The Series X has much better graphics, processing power and it is a much slimmer console.


The Xbox Series X is utilizing FidelityFX graphics technology. This technology will allow the game developers to use things such as adaptive sharpening, variable shading, and ray trace shadow denoiser. These abilities will allow for the Series X to provide similar graphics to PC games.

Also, the Series X will allow you to play your favorite games in 4k. This is a huge upgrade from the previous Xbox consoles and helps adapt to the new 4k technology that is being integrated into new televisions.


The Series X has phenomenal processing power when compared to other Xbox consoles. An emphasis of the Series X was to shorten loading times, which was accomplished with the processor that is supplied by AMD. The Series X also has 1 Terabyte of storage, which is crucial since many games have increased in storage space.


The size of the Series X console is much smaller than other Xbox consoles. The Series X resembles the look of PCs, which gives it another comparison to PCs when it comes to gaming capabilities. The Series X console is shorter than the PS5, but it is also slightly wider than the PS5.


The PS5 is the most powerful system in the line of PlayStations that have been created by Sony. Like the Series X, the PS5 provides better graphics and processing power, but the PS5 is similar in size to previous consoles.


The PS5 utilizes similar graphics to the Series X since they are from the same company. The company AMD has provided the graphics processing unit for both systems, which makes both systems able to provide similar graphics.

The PS5 graphics can receive boosts from the performance of the televisions that are created by Sony. Sony is preparing to update their televisions with variable refresh rates. This will provide better graphics for all Sony televisions and it will inherently boost the graphics of the PS5 as well.


The processing power of the PS5 is like the Series X since the processor in both consoles is from AMD. However, the storage space of the PS5 is smaller than the Series X. There is just over 600 GBs of storage in the PS5. Sony has offered expansion packs for their storage, but their base storage level is less than the Series X.


The PS5 is like other PlayStations when it comes to the size and shape of the consoles. The digital edition of the PS5 is different than other PlayStations because it does not have a disc drive. The digital edition of the PS5 is priced at $100 cheaper than the standard edition due to the disc drive not being included in the console.


The main difference between the two consoles is the companies that make them. While Xbox is made by Microsoft and the PlayStation is made by Sony, the two consoles share similar specs. As a result of different companies making the two consoles, each console has different games that it has access to.

The Series X has exclusive access to games such as Halo, Gears of Wars, and Forza Motorsports. The PlayStation has exclusive access to games such as God of War and multiple Spider-Man games. There are multiple other games that each console has exclusive access to, but these are some of the more popular games that are exclusive to each console.


There are distinct similarities and differences between the two consoles. Choosing between the two consoles can be difficult due to the similarities. However, availability may be a deciding factor. Brand loyalty can affect your decision, but if you are able to find one of these consoles in stock in a store near you, then you may want to jump at the chance to get one of the new video game consoles.