SOMIC G936 Commander Gaming Headset Review

SOMIC G936 Commander Gaming Headset

In 2018, Somic released the G936 commander gaming headset, it equipped with virtual 7.1 surround sound technology, ENC (environmental noise cancellation), 50mm sound units, and 4 modes( PUBG /LOL /CF /Video).

So how does this headset perform in real? Let’s have a detailed review of it.


SOMIC G936 Front Packaging

G936 packaging uses a black cardboard box design, with a yellow font design that matches the overall appearance of this headset.

SOMIC G936 Back Packaging

The back of the package box shows G936’s features and specifications. The highlights of this headset are its lightweight design, soft and comfortable protein leather earmuffs, and ENC microphone.

Headphone Specifications
Speaker DiameterФ50mm
Sensitivity(S.P.L)103±3dB(at 1KHz)
Power rating15mW
Max Power30mW
Signal-noise Ratio≥65dB
ENC Noise Cancellation≥35dB
Cable Length≥2.2meters


SOMIC G936 Unboxing

The inner box uses a plastic hard storage box, which has very exquisite workmanship and a zipper opening. The storage part is divided into an accessory storage area and a headphone storage area.


The accessories include manual, warranty card, buckle, and spare microphone spray-proof cotton.

Most gaming headsets’ manuals do not introduce their drivers in detail. But G936’s manual is very detailed, it is very helpful to users to be familiar with this gaming headset.



SOMIC G936 Appearance

G936 uses black color and lightweight design. It feels very light when held in hand, this headset does an excellent job in reducing weight.

Head Beam

SOMIC G936 Head Beam

The head beam adopts a lightweight + ergonomic design. It uses a “zero-pressure” polyurethane head cushion. The sponge filled inside is extremely soft. It feels very comfortable from the touch and comfortable to wear.

SOMIC G936 Head Beam Connection Parts

The head beam and ear cups connection part do not use a large area of metal material, it looks simple, but it is very helpful for weight loss and comfort.

Ear Cups

SOMIC G936 Ear Cup

G936’s ear cups are relatively large. The shell is made of texture, exquisite workmanship, and has a matte coating on the surface, which is very comfortable to touch and does not collect fingerprints. In the center part of the shell, there is a yellow breathing logo light.

Ear Pads

SOMIC G936 Ear Pads

G936’s large ear pads can provide good wrapping, comfort, and sound insulation. The sponge-filled ear pads are as soft and the cushioning effect is very good. As long as the angle of the ear cups is adjusted, users can ignore the feeling of ear clamping. When the summer comes, it will be a little sultry, but it is acceptable to play games with air conditioning.


SOMIC G936 Microphone

Microphone Specifications
Mic DimensionsФ9.7*4.5mm
TypeOmnidirectional(at 1KHz)
Sensitivity-38±2dB(at 1KHz)

When playing games, gamers usually need a high-quality microphone to ensure that they can communicate with teammates even in very noisy games. G936 gaming headset has ENC omnidirectional microphone for noise reduction and sensitivity is -38dB ± 2dB.


SOMIC G936 Cable

The G936 Commander headset uses a durable 2.2m USB cable. Because it is equipped with a sound card, this headset uses a USB interface. The disadvantage is that players cannot use this headset on mobile devices.

Remote Controller

SOMIC G936 Remote Controller

From the top to the bottom, the buttons are: game sound mode button, volume button, ENC button, LED light button. The side of the remote controller is the microphone ON/OFF switch, which is convenient for users to turn off the microphone when listening to music and watching movies.


Almost Somic gaming headsets are equipped with USB sound cards and a virtual 7.1, so it is necessary to install the driver(download the G936 driver from Somic official website).

  1. After installation, we can configure speaker: volume, sample rate, equalizer, Xear virtual 7.1, Xear Audio Brilliant, Xear Dynamic Bass, Xear Smart Volume, Xear Voice Clarity, Xear maximum ambient surround sound.
  2. Configure microphone: volume, sample rate, ENC, Xear Magic Voice
  3. In the equalizer, we can configure mainstream games such as LOL, CF, and PUBG.


Wearing Experience

SOMIC G936 Wearing Experience

Somic G936 uses a lightweight design and a simple frame. The weight of the headset is only 266g. For such a heavy-looking headset, this weight is a bit incredible.

The structure of the headset and the material of the ear cups are excellent, and the comfort is very high because the metal frame of the head beam can be bent manually. No matter what the head shape is, users can get good comfort.

Gaming Experience

SOMIC G936 Gaming Experience

G936 uses 50mm sound units, which is excellent in analysis and sound localization. Players can clearly identify the position of the enemy based on the sound, which provides substantial help for FPS gamers.

G936’s sound card supports a 24Bit 96KHz high-definition sample rate. It also adds an intelligent volume adjustment function, with a dynamic compression function.

For FPS players, dynamic compression is very helpful. It can adjust the small sound and normal sound in the game to the same volume. It’s easier to make gamers focus on footsteps, long gunfire, etc.

In addition, the noise reduction effect of G936 can also bring a good immersive experience.

Pros & Cons


  • 50mm sound unit
  • Dual microphones
  • Accurate sound localization
  • Lightweight design for comfortable wearing
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound


  • Slightly sweltering in summer
  • Buttons lack light alerts

In Summary

Somic G936 Commander gaming headset has excellent wearing comfort and is satisfactory in terms of sound quality, microphone, and gaming features. It is the preferred gaming headset for $70 level. Of course, this headset is not limited to gaming, casual listening to music is also a good choice.