Cooler Master NR200P Review

Cooler Master NR200P Review

As the Mini-ITX case becomes more and more popular in the DIY circle, various customized solutions emerge in an endless stream, and the non-mass production also keeps its price high.

In 2020, Cooler Master officially released two chassis, MasterBox NR200 and NR200P, each of which is available in black and white. The two products differ only in side panels, fans, and extensions. We will review the white NR200P, let’s take a look at how this case performs.

Cooler Master NR200P Mini-ITX Case

For users who want to get started with the ITX platform, Cooler Master NR200P must be a choice worth considering. It's easy to install, has strong expandability, and has efficient heat dissipation performance.


Cooler Master NR200P Unboxing

The NR200P is packed in an environmentally friendly kraft paper box. Information such as model number, photo, and color are printed on the front of the package, and information such as product introduction and specifications are printed on the side and back. The inside of the package is fixed with a foam mold to avoid bump damage during the logistics process.


Cool Master NR200P Case Accessories

The accessories include a manual book, screws, rubber pads, cable ties, and a PCI-E extension cable.

Outer Appearance

Cooler Master NR200P Outer Appearance

The overall size of the PC case is about 376mm×185mm×292mm. The whole body of the NR200P case is painted with white paint, which looks simple and clean.

Both sides of the case body adopt a large area of hollowed-out side panels, and with the built-in dust-proof net, it also has better performance in terms of heat dissipation and dust prevention.

The PCI card slot at the rear supports horizontal and vertical mounting of the graphics card. The horizontal mounting supports a maximum of three graphics cards with a limited length of 330mm.

Top of Case

Top of Cooler Master NR200P

The top of the chassis is a light gray metal stamped dust filter. The interior is supported by a plastic frame, built in two 12 cm fan spaces, which can be fixed by rubber shock-absorbing buckles. The chassis IO panel is designed on the top front, providing two USB 3.0 ports, power switch, reset button and a 3.5MM audio port.

Sides of Case

Sides of Cooler Master NR200P

The hollow side panels and the tempered glass side panels are fixed by a tenon structure, which is very firm and easy to disassemble.

Inner of Case

Inner of Cooler Master NR200P

Remove the side panel and you can see the internal layout of the chassis at a glance. The first thing that catches your eye is the radiator bracket, which is compatible with the current mainstream 240mm/280mm radiators. You can also mount 12 cm/14 cm fans. The radiator bracket also provides 3.5-inch hard disk holes, which can be adjusted according to personal usage.

The power supply space is compatible with SFX/SFX-L two different power supply types, and can also be compatible with conventional ATX-size power supplies through modification. The power supply supports the side-mounted and front-mounted. According to the different mounting positions of the power supply, the motherboard area also provides compatibility with motherboards of different sizes.

In addition to supporting common ITX/DTX motherboards, after mounting the power supply on the side, it can support motherboards with a maximum size of 244×226 mm.

Front of Case

Front of Cooler Master NR200P

The front panel of the chassis also adopts the detachable design of tenon fixing. The metal panel is made by one-piece stamping processes. The hexagonal logo of Cooler Master is printed on the front of the panel, which has good brand recognition.

Inside the front panel of the chassis, a number of different sizes holes are designed for mounting water pumps and 2.5-inch hard disks, further enhancing the overall scalability of the chassis.

Bottom of Case

Bottom of Cooler Master NR200P

The strip-shaped hollow panel at the bottom of the case also adopts a tool-free disassembly scheme, which is compatible with two 12CM fans, bringing better heat dissipation performance.


Mounting Test

NR200P Installation Test

We chose a typical ITX motherboard with an SFX power supply solution: MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC + Intel® Core™ i9-9900K. The power supply was the Cooler Master V650GOLD SFX power supply.

In the choice of cooling solution, we chose the 240mm liquid-cooling method. This chassis also supports the maximum height of 153 mm air cooler. If the graphics card is mounted vertically, it supports 76 mm air cooler.

Installation Configuration
CPUIntel® Core™ i9-9900K
Power SupplyCooler Master V650 GOLD SFX
Graphics CardMSI GeForce GTX 1070

There are also a lot of cable management holes on the chassis, which is convenient for users to fix the wires. The power supply compartment also provides magic cable ties for cable management. There are abundant cable management holes and ample space for wiring. It is very friendly for users of ITX cases.

NR200P Case Vortex Fan

The free vortex fan has mount buckles and a fan cover, which makes the fan mounting more convenient, and at the same time prevents the internal wires from contacting the fan blades. And it is compatible with most conventional size fans on the market.

NR200P 9cm Fan

When the graphics card is not mounted vertically, a 9 cm fan can be mounted at the rear of the chassis, which can further enhance the internal heat dissipation effect and avoid internal heat accumulation.

Horizontally Graphics Card for NR200P

We first tried the water cooling solution for the horizontally mounted graphics card, a 240 mm cooling radiator was mounted on the side bracket. The graphics card we adapt is MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC, after mounting it, there is still a large space at the bottom to mount a fan, which can provide a lower intake temperature for the graphics card and reduce the internal temperature of the entire chassis.

Vertically Graphics Card for NR200P

Then, we tried the air cooling solution for the vertically mounted graphics card. The PIC-E extension cable does not have an independent support structure. It is only fixed by the PCI-E card slot and two screws, but the fixation is relatively firm.

NR200P Case Installation Completed

After the graphics card is mounted vertically, most of the wires can be covered by the graphics card, and it looks more beautiful. At the same time, the performance of the bottom space is still relatively abundant. However, one thing to note is that if the graphics card is wider, the top power supply port may interfere with the top fan, so only one 12 cm fan can be mounted on the top.

Cooling Test

NR200P Cooling Test

Many users don’t like ITX cases mostly because of poor heat dissipation and troublesome mounting. We also conducted a simple test on the heat dissipation capacity of the NR200P case. The first is the CPU heat dissipation part. We chose Intel® Core™ i9-9900K CPU under the default frequency and a 240 mm liquid radiator. The room temperature is 21°C, and after 10 minutes of stress testing AIDA64 FPU, the average temperature of the CPU is about 64°C. The performance is quite good and is close to the heat dissipation of some mid-tower cases.

Then we chose “Cyberpunk: 2077” to measure its game temperature. After an hour of playing the game, we can see that the average temperature of the CPU is about 47°C, and the temperature of the graphics card is about 71°C. The overall heat dissipation performance is very impressive.

In Summary

The Cooler Master NR200P case looks great in appearance, its internal design is also excellent. With a variety of different layouts and mounting options, air and water cooling systems also have good compatibility performance. Abundant expansion holes can also meet the mounting needs of most users, and the efficient heat dissipation performance also allows users not to pay much attention to internal heat accumulation, it is perfectly suitable for both office work and games.

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