SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset Review (2019 Edition)

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Among the SteelSeries Arctis series gaming headsets, Arctis 7 is the only wireless gaming headset that supports 2.4G. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headset features a wireless/wired dual-mode design. Its wireless mode uses 2.4G wireless technology instead of Bluetooth technology.

In the previous reviews, I have reviewed Arctis 3 and Arctis 5 of 2019 edition. Today I will review the 2019 edition Arctis 7 wireless gaming headset.


The SteelSeries Arctis 7’s packaging follows the Low Polystyle.

Arctis 7 Front Packaging

The front of the package introduces its main features: wireless and wired dual-mode headsets; compatible with PC, XBOX, PS, mobile, and VR devices; specifically states in the upper right corner that it had won the 2017 PC GAMER’s wireless headset of the year.

Arctis 7 Back Packaging

The back of the package details the microphone, voice system, AirWeave ear pads, and ski goggles design headband. The top of the package is printed with the logo of three Esports Teams sponsored by SteelSeries.


Unboxing Arctis 7 Packaging

The inner lining has changed from the previous Arctis 7, with an inner box and accessories with special storage slots. The overall appearance of the SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 almost the same as the previous version.

Microphone Specifications
Frequency Response100Hz–10,000Hz
Sensitivity-38 db
Impedance2200 Ohm
Noise CancellationYes
Mute ToggleOn Ear Cup


Arctis 7 Accessories

This headset comes with 3.5mm audio cable, micro-USB charging cable, wireless transmitter with USB Line-In / Line-Out interface, manual, and feedback card.


Head Beam

Arctis 7 Head Beam

This headset uses a metal aluminum head beam, and the surface is coated with skin-like materials, which has a good feel and look.


Arctis 7 Headband

2019 edition Arctis 7 still uses the classic detachable ski-goggle style headband, Players can also change the color and pattern according to their preferences.

Ear Cushions

Arctis 7 Ear Cushions

SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headsets use AirWeave fabric, which not only takes into account the tightness and sound wave transmission, but also has a particularly delicate touch without a greasy feeling. The ear cushions are relatively wide and have good wrapping properties. The filled memory foam is very light and soft. It is very comfortable to wear with AirWeave fabric. The detachable design also makes organizing and cleaning easier.

Interfaces & Switches

Arctis 7 Left Interfaces and Switches

On the left ear cup are the microphone switch button, volume adjustment, Micro USB charging interface, 3.5mm extended audio interface, and mobile phone audio interface.

Arctis 7 Right Interfaces and Switches

On the right, a power switch is used to establish a connection with the wireless receiver. The other is the ChatMix knob, which is used to switch game audio and chat audio.

This feature is very professional and is often used on professional broadcast equipment. When communication between teammates affects your gaming experience, or when loud quarrels affect your mood, you can use it to turn off teammates’ voices. Conversely, when the game sound is particularly noisy and affects your listening to your teammate’s voice, you can adjust the game sound through ChatMix. Players can also adjust the sound of the game and the player’s voice in proportion to obtain more practical and efficient sound effects.

Wireless Receiver

Arctis 7 Wireless Receiver

Arctis 7 is equipped with a wireless receiver with a line-out and line-in input and output interfaces, which can be used to connect speakers and other equipment. However, Arctis7 is 2.4G wireless, not common Bluetooth, so it must work with this receiver, and cannot be connected to wireless devices such as mobile phones.


Arctis 7 MIC

All SteelSeries Arctis series gaming headsets use a unique ClearCast two-way pickup microphone. The player’s voice is collected on the inside, and the reverse is used to offset the noise on the outside. And the player can adjust it to the position where the sound effect is the best.

Microphone Specifications
Frequency Response100Hz–10,000Hz
Sensitivity-38 db
Impedance2200 Ohm
Noise CancellationYes
Mute ToggleOn Ear Cup


Arctis 7 Speakers

Arctis 7 uses 40mm neodymium-magnet speakers, 32Ω impedance, a frequency response range of 20-22000Hz, a sensitivity of 98db, and ultra-low distortion (<3%). Supports 7.1-channel DTS surround sound. Each of the three frequencies has its own characteristics. The bass is flexible, the midrange is wide, the treble is smooth, and the overall sound field is very wide. It can be rotated 90 ° horizontally and rotated at a small angle in the vertical direction.


Arctis 7 SteelSeries Engine 3

Arctis 7 uses the SteelSeries Engine 3 software. Because Arctis 7 is a wireless / wired dual-mode gaming headset, the sound card is integrated into the wireless receiver, so only the wireless mode supports this driver. Players can set it according to their own habits or gaming experience. Arctis 7 driver functions are basically the same: support DTS 7.1 surround sound, stereo configuration, low-frequency optimization, equalizer, microphone preview, microphone sidetone, and microphone volume.


Wearing Experience

Arctis 7 Wearing Experience

Arctis 7 adopts a lightweight design, even if worn for a long time, it will not cause pressure on the head. Fully wrapped elastic headband distributes the pressure on the top of the head, thick and soft AirWeave fabric ear cushions have good breathability, but it may be a little stuffy in summer. This is also an unavoidable common problem for full-wrapped headsets, but it is much better than leather ear cushions.

Audio Experience

The audio experience is very good, and the bass is heavier. Listen to “California Hotel”, the first thing I can appreciate is the increase in resolution and the sound field has become wider. The treble is not rough and the mid-frequency is relatively sufficient.

Gaming Experience

Arctis 7 Gaming Experience

SteelSeries has always been excellent in the positioning of FPS games, such as CS: GO. This has been recognized by many professional players. In addition, Arctis 7 has a variety of surround sound, equalizer and dynamic range compression effects, which help Arctis 7 wireless gaming headset have better and eye-catching performance in the FPS game. By accurately positioning the enemy’s position, you can gain a pre-emptive advantage in FPS games.

Arctis 7 can accurately analyze and separate footsteps and gunshots in the game, and then transmit them through a wide sound field. The game audio experience is almost the same as the real environment. Coupled with the high, medium, and low-frequency tuning, the sound of the metal of the firearms, the player’s voice, or the sound of footsteps and grenade blasting brings players an excellent gaming experience.

And because its control switches are relatively concentrated, the volume can be adjusted very quickly during the game. The noise-canceling performance of the ClearCast MIC is also very good. The communication between teammates has almost no significant interference noise.

Pros and Cons


  • Wireless / Wired Dual-Mode
  • 24 Hours Battery Life
  • Customizable Headband
  • ClearCast MIC
  • Support DTS 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Support Nintendo Switch in Dock Mode


  • Slightly Shorter Head Beam
  • Absorbs Dust
  • Limited Vertical Rotation of Ear Cups
  • No Bluetooth Support
  • Configure Steelseries Engine Need Some Work

In Summary

As a new flagship wireless gaming headset, the 2019 edition Arctis 7 has SteelSeries S1 speakers, 2.4G wireless no-delay connection, DTS X 7.1 surround sound, ClearCast MIC, Chatmix, and Steelseries Engine driver support. The overall performance of wearing, audio, and gaming are quite satisfactory. It is one of the most worth buying wireless gaming headsets.